Waiting for Davies to Come Back

Kyle Davies hasn’t pitched since May 16th when he threw 0.1 innings and gave up two runs before leaving the game with an injury. On the season, Davies has an ERA of 7.46 going 1-6 in his 9 starts so far this year. Statistically he is one of the worst pitchers of all time with the amount of innings he has pitched in his career. Royals fans have been calling for him to be dropped from the team for years because he has disappointed so many times. Then on May 16th Davies’ took the mound and started the game like he does every start, by walking batters and putting the Kansas City Royals in the hole early. Then it finally came, the day all Royals fans had been waiting for for so many years. The trainer came out after Davies was only able to record one out in the first inning and they decided he couldn’t go any longer. Even though that game never got any better for the Royals, they had finally gotten Davies out of the starting lineup.

Then the Kansas City Royals’ figure out why Davies was in the lineup for so long. Even as bad as he was, he still would occasionally have a good start. Even his bad starts, he at least went five or more innings into the game. The Royals starting rotation has gotten worse without him in the lineup, believe it or not. Now, Bruce Chen being out is also a big factor in that but the reality is that when Kyle Davies gets healthy again he will be right back into the starting rotation. Royals fans never thought that once they got rid of Davies, they would be waiting for him to get back to the rotation. Unfortunately that’s exactly what’s happening because all the good Royals pitchers are still in the minors developing.

Hopefully when Davies gets back he will be a solid starter. They don’t need him to be an all star, he just needs to hold down a starting spot until the Royals farm system can develop some of their young arms. The good news is that the Royals do have several young arms in the system that are being developed and the future looks good for the franchise.

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