Warriors beat Cavs, James deserved MVP

Oakland, Calif., and the rest of the bay area is celebrating its first Golden State Warriors NBA Championship in 40 years after they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, Tuesday night.

Even though the Cavs could muster just two wins in the series and lost the eventual elimination game on its home floor, the series was one of the more entertaining you’ll see for a variety of reasons.

The Golden State Warriors capture headlines because they are young and have almost an endless supply of fire power on the offensive end. League MVP Steph Curry looks like a video game with his ball-handling and shooting touch. Teammate Klay Thompson is only a step below as a long-range shooter and scorer, and sixth-man Andre Igoudala won the Finals MVP after “holding” LeBron James to a limited performance, while also scoring for his team, particularly over the last several games of the series.

Interestingly, the term, “holding,” appears to ridiculously over-used in this case because James effectively averaged a triple-double, and the front end of that was 36 points per game and 13 rebounds per game.

Historical numbers were being put up by the best player on the planet, and in the Finals MVP voting by an 11 person panel yielded four to James, with the other seven going to Igoudala.

Not since Jerry West in the 1970’s has a player who didn’t win the title, take home the Finals MVP award.

It should have happened this season.

James was deserving of the award and was by far and away the most valuable player in the series.  Argue if you want that the definition of what most valuable actually means, but if the player you’re defending puts up record-breaking numbers with a team that doesn’t have but one other player capable of averaging more than 10 points per game, then the MVP award has become tainted.

James, because of injuries to both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, had likely the least talented collection of players than any other Finals team in NBA history.

James played all but 20 possible minutes over the six-game series, and during those few spot minutes of rest, his team didn’t hit a single three-pointer, and was a meager 5-of-36 from the floor.

With a 2-4 record in the Finals, James will get a pass for this one. He made it perfectly clear that he indeed is the most talented player on the planet and did so with more responsibility on his back than a single player has ever had.

In his first season back home, James willed his team to the Finals despite massive injuries. Moving forward, the Cleveland brass are going to give him say on the free-agent market and will look to James to help shape the roster heading into next season.

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