What does it take for Royals to win?

What does it take? That seems to be the question. WHAT DOES IT TAKE?

What does it take for our Royals to be a winner?

Teams feared us 1970’s as we continually went to battle against the Yankees in a slugfest for the American League Championship. Just watch the “Pine Tar” game and see how passionate we were about winning. We all know that in 1980 we made it to the series against Philadelphia. We lost, but we still won the pennant. In 1985, we won the World Series. What a thrill.

In what looked like a promising 1994 season that was eventually shortened by the strike, our Royals finished at a comfortable 64-51 to find themselves in a position for playoff contention. We saw a glimpse of positivity in 2003, but the tank ran empty halfway through the season.  Thats just about it. That’s all you need to know about The Kansas City Royals. It’s a pretty short story to tell considering that the other 97 percent of our beloved team’s history is saturated with some of the most pathetic baseball ever witnessed. But enough of the negativity. We have heard it before.  We have to accept the past, the present, and continually hope to once again see greatness.

So, what does it take to create this so called “winning formula?”

 Pos.                       1985 Champs                       2010                         2009 Yankees Champs

Catcher-                   Jim Sunberg                     Jason Kendall                      Jorge Posada

First –                       Steve Balboni                    Billy Butler                         Mark Teixiera

Second –                   Frank White                      Chris Getz                          Robinson Cano

Short –                      Onix Concepcion               Yuniesky Betancourt        Derek Jeter

Third-                       George Brett                     Alberto Callaspo               Alex Rodriguez

Left-                          Lonnie Smith                     Scott Podsednik               Johnny Damon

Center –                    Willie Wilson                       Rick Ankiel                      Melky Cabrera

Right-                        Darryl Motley                    David DeJesus                Nick Swisher

DH –                           Hal McRae                          Jose Gullien                    Hideki Matsui

Best Utility-             Jorge Orta                          Wllie Bloomquist             Xavier Nady

Top 3 Pitchers-      Bret Saberhagen                 Zack Greinke                  C.C. Sabathia

Mark Gubicza                      Gil Meche                         A. J. Burnett

Danny Jackson                    Luke Hochevar                Andy Petitite

Best Reliever-       Dennis Leonard                    John Parrish                    Joba Chamberlain

Closer-                    Dan Quisenberry                 Joakim Soria                   Mariano Rivera

As you can see, this is interesting to compare all three teams in relation to their success. Where do we need to improve?

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