Chief Capabilities

The Chiefs are capable of a lot of things. They have made it to the playoffs. We are well aware.

Some people say that a ten win season is the bread and butter. WE already won- The playoffs were just an extra surprise.

I think the Chiefs think differently. This is a different year from previous playoff occurances. This team seems to have a full tank heading into the playoffs. They don’t seem to be gasping for air or even show the slightest signs of wearing down.

In the recent past, when the Chiefs have given it a shot in the playoffs, there has been definitive reason as to why we have lost. It’s easy- BAD OFFENSE OR BAD DEFENSE.

With Marty’s teams the story was a so-so offense who did nothing but run the ball. The defense was splashed with superstars and blue collar guys who got the job done. Vermeil had the offense that couldn’t be stopped, but the unfortunate defense gave up more points than the stellar offense could produce.

Due to the fact that the Chiefs dont have either of those faults, it gives me great reason to believe that we can actually “win” a playoff game and advance to the next game. I’m wise enough of a fan to not go out on a limb and say we are winning the super bowl, but I DO think we have the ability to beat either the RAVENS or JETS in Arrowhead. The draft picks in years past have been proving their worth, and the team is really making big plays. Cassel and Bowe are gelling. Kendrick Lewis is making a name for himself for his three picks in two games. The little guys are making the plays, AND THE BIG GUYS ARE TOO!

The team believes they can win now. That’s the formula for success, and we have it.

If we end up losing, it’s going to stem from one of two things. The Chiefs beating themselves by turnovers. Or the RAVENS OR JETS playing the perfect game and squeaking out a victory. I don’t think we will lose by much, if we do. The Chiefs rarely turn the ball over, which would be a remarkable surprise if they did. So a lot of unexpected things must happen for us to lose. We have home field advantage, we have the structure for success, we are confident, we are young but also smart, and most importantly, WE ARE DUE! But we must beat the Raiders first to keep that boost headed into the postseason.

The team is back, the fans are back….it’s time to finally prove to the world that we have put it all together.

My crazy prediction: Chiefs vs New England- AFC Championship

Normally, picking the Patriots is the wise move here and at first glance is the easy decision. BUT, who knows the Patriots better that the CHIEFS?

The answer? NOBODY.

I didn’t say it, but it the story makes sense, right?

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