With the 2010 All star break coming up over the next couple weeks, now is the time that trade rumors start flying around.  It is one of my favorite times of the year, not including the December winter meetings.  For once, I wish the Royals were buyers instead of sellers.  I believe the Royals can get there.  First, they need to get value out of the players that are not part of the future.      What players do I believe the Royals can get some value out of?  I have ranked my list in order of value, keeping in mind age, salary, etc.

1) David Dejesus 2) Scott Podsednik 3) Alberto Callaspo 4) Kyle Farnsworth 5) Bruce Chen 6) Jose Guillen 7) Yuniesky Betancourt 8) Willie Bloomquest

Obviously, there are other players I think the Royals should try and move.  I just don’t think we are going to anthing in return for Kyle Davies or Mitch Maier.   Royals GM, Dayton Moore should listen and strongly consider offers for any of the current Royals except for Zack Greinke, Billy Butler and Joakim Soria.   The Royals must keep their nucleas of minor league players, that are strongly considered part of the Royals future.  Some players will bring more than others.  Either way, the Royals better have cleared a spot for Kila Ka’aihue.  What else does he need to do in the Royals minor league system to get a chance?    I can see the Royals trading Ka’aihue, which would be unfortunate.  The Kansas City Royals are always looking someone to hit 25 + home runs and they might have it in someone stuck in the minor leagues.

What do you think?

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