Why the Chiefs will finish 12-4

The Chiefs have four games remaining in the 2010 regular season.

12/12 @ San Diego

12/19 @ St. Louis

12/26 Tennessee

1/2 Oakland

I honestly believe that it’s rare than one team will beat another team two times in the same year. The parody in the NFL is such a well structured machine, so much so that it’s a feat so rarely pulled off.

But in my heart of hearts, I think San Diego will fall once more to our beloved Chiefs. I’ll even predict the score.

KC-24 SD-14

The Chargers, coming off a detrimental loss to Oakland, have the home field advantage this week. But I don’t think it’s enough to stop the Chiefs from running the ball down their throat, proving once more that they have the best rushing attack in the NFL.

On defense, the Chiefs cornerbacks are coming off tremendous performances-Brandon Carr especially. If KC can manage to keep the ball away from receivers downfield, the Chiefs win this one with ease. The only way SD stays above water is if Rivers consistenly finds open receivers with the long ball or if Gates has a big day. All other facets of our defense should have what it takes to stop whatever the Chargers have to offer.

The first game of the remaining four is the most crucial though to our future success. If we win this one, it will put us in postion with proper momentum to win the last three.

Saint Louis doesnt stand a chance. No explanation here.

Tennessee is without Vince Young and as meaningless as that sounds, Kerry Collins is no longer the answer either. Chiefs win at home.

Oakland will lose to us. My assumption that its hard to beat a team twice in one year stands true in this circumstance. We played horrbily in the first matchup with Oakland. This time around at home, we will find our way to victory.

12-4. You heard it here.

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