Wichita State Earns #3

The Wichita State Shockers continue their unbeaten season while facing heavy criticism for their strength of schedule. Many say that the Shockers are undeserving of their place in the AP top 25 polls which is simply ignorance. Let’s not forget that despite their “weak schedule,” Wichita state made it to the final four less than a year ago. The critiques must also be looking past their 27 consecutive wins subsequent to last year’s tournament.

First we can take a look at Wichita State’s schedule. Yes, they may only have one victory against the top 25 of the RPI but that is better than some. Virginia who may very well play Syracuse for the ACC title has zero wins in that category. UCLA and Kentucky also put up a zero in that category yet we wouldn’t be criticizing those teams and down playing their season had they been undefeated at this point.

Only one other team in division one college basketball has an undefeated record and that is Syracuse who knows how hard this type of season is to pull off almost losing to N.C. State recently. Maybe the Shockers aren’t playing in a so-called “power conference” but we cannot ignore the fact that they have defeated the last Big Ten team they played, the past two SEC teams they played and the last Big East team they played. Wichita State took down an impressive Saint Louis team on the road and a Tennessee group that owns more road wins than any other team.

The fact of the matter is that those opposing Wichita State’s spot in the polls must either be refusing to do their research or ignoring what is put in front of them. The Shockers have more than proven themselves as an elite college basketball team and deserve the recognition.

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