Will the Kansas City Chiefs win the AFC West or get the top pick?

There was a consensus that the Chiefs were in the running for the number 1 pick of the NFL draft.  That could have changed this weekend with the win over the Vikings.  The Kansas City Chiefs have looked good the last two weeks and have the winless Colts next week.  If the Chiefs can get by the Colts next week they have an off week with a date with AFC West rival Oakland Raiders the following week.  The Kansas City Chiefs have a chance to be 3-3 after a horrible start to the season.  With the next three games at home who knows?  Division champs maybe or maybe not.  Then the Chiefs then have a stretch with 5 teams that went to the playoffs last year.  Then they finish with Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders.  Does that schedule mean a Division champ or number 1 pick for the Kansas City Chiefs.  I fill like the Chiefs or more like the team closer to the number 1 pick then division champs.  I say the Kansas City Chiefs will end up 4-12 and a top ten pick.  Who would the Kansas City Chiefs take not Andrew Luck  who is going number 1.  How about Robert Griffin he has been electric this year that would be my early choice for the Chiefs.

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