Will the Saints beat Superman in the Super Bowl?

Is Peyton Manning the greatest quarterback in NFL history?  For 25 minutes against Rex Ryan Jets defense the Colts offense could hardly muster yards or points.  Then you could see the light turn on in Peyton’s head.  Four plays later and touchdown pass to Austin Collie the Colts where back in it.  The second half was more the same Peyton had his blue superman’s cape on working his super hero magic.  The Colts won 30 to 17  advancing to his second Super Bowl in four years.  Will Greg Williams defense be the kryptonite to Peyton Manning or will he work magic as he always does?  I have heard the comparison to the Atlanta Braves and Bobby Cox.  They have a great regular season and fall short in the playoffs.  Of course the Colts are more than just Peyton Manning.  But, he is the heart and soul of the Colts.  I think the Colts will win a exciting game 31 to 23.  With another Super Bowl win will Peyton Manning a.k.a. Superman be the greatest NFL quarterback in history?  I think he should be in the conversation.  What do you guys think is or isn’t he?  For tickets, go to ticketsforless.com

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