Winter Olympics Hockey Is Starting To Heat Up

Just got done watching two amazing hockey games Thursday night.  Canada squeaked by Switzerland and Slovakia got past Russia both on penalty shots.  I know with the pros in the Olympics there are people that say that the Miracle On Ice can never happen again.  Yes Al Michaels call Do You Believe In Miracles is probably the most memorable call in Olympic history.  I get that but, watching all the top NHL stars along with the top players from there  own country makes it compelling to watch.  The hockey is just starting to get good.  For all the hockey fans don’t forget to tune in on Sunday.  USA plays Canada and Russia plays Czech which will exciting double dip.  Will USA win Gold for the first time since 1980 I hope so.  My gut tells me that the very talented Canada team will have some thing to say about that.  My prediction for the medals are Gold will go to the home country of Canada.    Then followed by the Silver for the USA and Bronze for Russia.  I will follow all the action down to the gold medal game.  The chants for USA USA for gold will be going on this house.  The next time you want to see the Olympics up close don’t forget to check out a call at 913-685-3322 for the best home ice advantage.

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