Yost is the new man a Hillman gets fired

I know people have been clamoring to see what I had to say about the firing of Trey Hillman.  As I was one of the biggest members of the fire Trey fan club.  I love the move it is about time I would have done it along time ago.  You can ask about my willingness to fire managers or coaches I have a quick trigger finger.  I like the hiring of Yost as the manager notice I didn’t say interm manager.  I think he will here when the young player of the royals get called up like he was in Milwaukee.   It seemed like it worked in Milwaukee why can’t it work here.  People will say he got fired with twelve games left to end the season in Milwaukee and that is a problem.  Yes he did I can’t argue against that but they were in the pennant chase for the whole season.  Did you know the new manager they hired only went 6-6 to end the season barley getting them into the playoffs.  Your saying Yost couldn’t have done that.  You will never know.  I think his work with young players Hardy, Fielder, Braun, and Hart has gotten me excited to see what he can do.  I give this hire a B right off the bat and hope he can leave the grave yard of Royals managers turn this team around.  At the time of this post the Royals are 2-1 with Yost as the manager.  If you want to see this exciting team under Yost just Call Tickets For Less now at 913-685-3322 for the best selection of Royals baseball tickets or buy your Kansas City Royals tickets online at ticketsforless.com

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