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Make sure you don’t get ripped off with our ticket market FAQ and tips

Finding tickets to your favorite shows, concerts or sporting events isn’t always easy. There are so many places you can buy from, and you need to find the lowest price from a reputable, dependable seller and you don’t want to pay annoying service fees.

Few people are experts on the secondary ticket market, and you can really get ripped off if you’re not careful. Tickets For Less not only has your back with great prices on tickets without hidden fees or taxes, we want to answer your questions about the secondary ticket market.

What is the secondary ticket market?

The secondary market is where tickets are sold once venues are sold out.

When a stadium or concert venue sells all of its tickets, which usually happens quickly, there are many ticket brokers with the tickets you want. The dependability of these brokers varies, but there are a number of accredited, associated ticket brokers you can trust.

Are ticket brokers legitimate?

Most of them are, but a few have prices too good to be true. Look for accreditation from outside organizations because they will ensure you’re buying from a recognized seller. These include memberships with ticket broker associations and Better Business Bureau ratings.

Sellers work together. Depending on how well-connected a broker is, they can get you better tickets to a wider selection of events. You know you can trust a ticket broker that is recognized by its peers.

Tickets For Less is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and works with several other ticket brokers to bring you all the best tickets at the lowest prices. Plus, Tickets For Less does not add hidden fees or taxes onto our tickets, so the price you see on our website is the price you pay.

Also, look in your community for a legitimate seller. Tickets For Less has signed partnerships this summer with Arrowhead Events and Kansas Speedway this summer, solidifying a great reputation in the Kansas City community.

How can I avoid getting scammed?

Never buy a ticket from a scalper outside the venue of your event a few hours before it starts. You are most likely to be sold an illegitimate ticket here. In some places, scalping is illegal.

Other than ensuring a ticket broker is legitimate and has a good score from organizations like the Better Business Bureau, a ticket broker should at the very least give you your money back if they can’t fulfill your order. Look out for money back guarantees from ticket sellers.

Which sellers add hidden fees?

The biggest, most popular ticket sellers are most likely going to charge you hidden fees. StubHub, Ticketmaster and all the other biggest companies will always charge you service fees. This is because they’re taking their cut of the transaction, especially with a ticket exchange like StubHub.

The problem with hidden fees is that they’re hidden; you don’t see the actual price you’re about to pay until you get to checkout. These fees are up to 30% of your purchase! Don’t pay hidden fees.

Luckily, Tickets For Less charges no hidden fees. We want you to know upfront what you will pay for our tickets, so there’s no deception in the process.

Tickets For Less is one of the largest sellers in the country of Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, Kansas Speedway and Sprint Center tickets. To order, call 913-685-3322 or visit our website.

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