Baseball Season Is Close

Baseball is just around the corner. With the pitchers and catchers arriving at spring training you know the 2012 baseball season is coming soon. The Kansas City Royals have a lot of hope for the 2012 season, so you won’t want to miss the action. is again your best spot to get all of your Kansas City Royals tickets. They have everything from the amazing crown seats to the cheaper seats. Everyone in the family can catch a game even on a lower budget. Of course if you want to impress someone or take a client you can always sit in the crown seats. These seats are more expensive but include all your food and drinks. Plus you get a full meal before the game. Not only do these seats include so much more than your average tickets, but they are located in the best location in all of Kauffman Stadium, directly behind home plate. You are within arm’s reach of each of the players. The Kansas City Royals will have their opening day game at Kauffman Stadium on Friday, April 13th but the season begins Monday, April 6th in California against the Los Angeles Angels.

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