Big 12 North Standing Tall In 2010 Jayhawks, Wildcats, and Tigers.

Let me ask you this?  When was the last time the teams in the Big 12 north occupied the top three spots in the final standings.  The answer never the closest was the very first year.  Kansas Jayhawks were first, Colorado Buffaloes were second, and Iowa State Cyclones tied for third.   The top three teams took care of business this weekend as the drive to the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City.   The significance is huge as all the talk the last few years is the how strong the south is.  It seems all that talked is squelched a bit.  Bill Self’s  Jayhawks has always been strong.  It seems that Frank Martin and his Wildcats have something going with strength and defense.   Mike Anderson uptempo Tigers are a tough out with there style of play.  The Jayhawks have a tough stretch left @ home against Sooners and Wildcats and on the road against the Cowboys and Tigers.  The Wildcats have the Tigers and Cyclones @ home and Jayhawks and Red Raiders and the road.  While the Tigers have the Jayhawks and Buffaloes @ home and Cyclones and Wildcats on the road.  This will be this the best opportunity for the teams to occupy the top three spots.  We will see what will happen the final couple of weeks of the season.  What do you think will happen the last two weeks?  As always check out the action at Allen Fieldhouse, Mizzou Areana, and Bramlage Coliseum to see what happens.  Don’t forget to check out a call at 913-685-3322 for the best home court advantage.

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