Big Stage 1, Royals 0.

On Sunday, the 4th of July in sunny Anaheim, California, the Royals were finally given their chance to shine in the national spotlight when ESPN granted them a prime time slot on “Sunday Night Baseball.” It was the perfect opportunity for those watching, to grab a new perspective on the previously known farm system from the midwest.

The Royals would send Rookie Andrew Lerew to the mound to take care of the business. He would have to face the Angels. who are stacked with talent considering the like of Hunter, Abreu, Matsui, etc.

ESPN commentator John Miller, opened his national braodcast talking about none other than the Royals and how they could quite possibly have the best minor league system in the MLB. He called us an up and coming team. What a smart man. He never once said or gave anything hope or hint that the Royals would presently stand any type of chance. Even though we had won 7 of the last 9 games and we headed towards a possible sweep of LA, that still wasn’t good enough for Miller to give us his vote. He was totally on target.

Already setting up a the chance for a sweep on the road from the respectable Anaheim squad, Lerew showed the fans of Kansas City and anyone else in the nation who wasn’t celebrating the 4th of July exactly why no one has ever heard of him. He got pounded. Torii Hunter went on to produce seven RBI’s as the rest of the Angels provided a crist four runs on top of that for an 11-0 routing on national tv. Out of the 162 games played, the 80 or so that are televised, the Royals had to absolutely blow the “ONE” game they had in the spotlight.

In what turned out to be a game that only was watched for a few innings or so, any one watching that wasn’t for Kansas City knows one thing. The Royals still stink.

and that’s just unfortunate, because we are playing a little better than every baseball fan has known us for.

This Friday, July 16th, the Royals head back to the K  for a six game home stand as they take on the Oakland Athletics.

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