Broncos Situation Worth Monitoring for Chiefs Fans

The Kansas City Chiefs wrapped up their 2014 campaign with a winning record of 9-7, just a few spots out of making the postseason field. Looking forward the Chiefs will have a serious shot at being contenders for the AFC West in 2015 if they make some key offseason moves. The Chiefs success will also hinge on the situation in Denver as the John Elway-Peyton Manning saga took a turn after their home playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts. What happens next for the Broncos will greatly affect the landscape of not only the AFC West, but the AFC as a whole.

During that game the Broncos could not generate any offense as Manning looked out of sync and was having difficulty throwing the ball down field which ultimately resulted in a 24-13 loss to the Colts. Shortly after the loss the Broncos and head coach John Fox mutually parted ways. Elway’s reasoning behind the move was that he and Fox didn’t agree on how to get to the next level. That sounds like to me Fox wanted to begin building for the future instead of the Super Bowl or bust mentality Elway has. The biggest thing for Chiefs fans to watch for is if Manning comes back another season. Reports came out after the game he had been playing with a torn quad muscle the last month and a half. That was probably a large contributor to his poor play. Elway wants him back even if it’s for one season because he is obsessed with getting the Super Bowl  trophy. Building the team around such a short term quarterback can jeopardize the team’s future especially since Elway has been willing to spend any amount of money to surround Manning with enough talent to make it back to the Super Bowl. Elway started doing this last offseason when he signed players like Demarcus Ware and Aqib Talib to large contracts which will destroy the salary cap in the future and limit the Broncos ability to resign key players. Manning’s decision to come back will depend on most importantly his health and secondly the organizational changes happening with the Broncos. Manning may not want to go through another coaching/system change this late in his career.

If Manning comes back the Chiefs will once again be vying for AFC West supremacy with the Broncos. If he does not return then the door opens for the Chiefs as well as the Chargers to take the division. I think Elway will convince Manning to return for one final ride and Elway will blow up the salary cap to load up on players to push for another Super Bowl run. That will work in the Chiefs favor for the long term as they continue to build a foundation for the future and the Broncos will be stuck with what is left after Manning is gone, a salary cap tied up with big contracts not allowing them build or grow until those contracts clear out and a coaching staff centered around working solely with Manning. Also left behind will be a hole at the quarterback position as the Broncos will have to turn to back up Brock Osweiler to take the reins. The Super Bowl or bust mantra will eventually catch up to Elway and the Broncos sending them back to mediocrity and the Chiefs will be there to take advantage and hopefully capture the AFC West crown for the first time since 2010.

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