Can Big 12 Get Two #1 Seeds

In the latest NCAA Bracket revealed on ESPN by their analyst Joe Lunardi, it has both Kansas and Missouri as #1 seeds in the big dance. This bracket changes weekly due to performances by the teams across the country. Missouri has been a #1 seed for awhile because they have only lost two games and have beaten #4 Kansas already this season. Kansas jumped into a #1 seed this week with Ohio State and North Carolina losing ahead of them. KU and Missouri are tied on top of the Big 12 and will still have to face each other again in Lawrence to settle to the conference champion.

It will be tough for both KU and Missouri to get a #1 seed in the tournament coming from the same conference. They still have to play each other again, which will give one of the squads another loss. They also have a good chance of playing each other again in the Big 12 Tournament before the official NCAA Tournament bracket is revealed. Right now Kentucky has the top spot sealed up and with the SEC not being very good, they don’t look like they will be knocked off that spot. Syracuse is the #2 team in the country but with a couple weeks left in Big East play they could get beat. KU and Missouri will need help from Syracuse and also Duke, as they are right behind KU in the rankings. Since all the schools around KU and Missouri play in different conferences they could all go undefeated down the stretch. With KU and Mizzou both being in the Big 12 and still have to play each other at least once, maybe twice it will be difficult for them both to be that high in the rankings come tournament time. The good news is that both teams will be highly favored in every other game and if they win all the other games, they only need one or two key losses by other schools.

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