Can the Chiefs pull away in the AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs have a big weekend coming up. They are back in the New Arrowhead Stadium, playing there again for the first time since week 3. The Chief fans will welcome back a team in first place in the AFC West going into week 7. The Chiefs could have an even more commanding lead going into week 7 if it wasn’t for a late collapse by the defense last weekend in Houston. They are, however, benefiting from a weak division. The Chiefs are tied for the fewest wins for a divisional leader, tied with Arizona and Seattle who are battling it out this week for the lead in the NFC West. But the question is, is this just a fluke start to the season or can the Kansas City Chiefs really win the AFC West this year and go to the playoffs. One season after only winning four games.

The biggest thing going for the Chiefs is there remaining schedule. They only have three games left on their schedule where the opposing team has a winning record. Only two teams remaining on their schedule went to the playoffs last season (Arizona, San Diego). Another things going for the Chiefs is that the other teams in the division are struggling so far. No other team in the division has a winning record, they’re all tied with a 2-4 record. San Diego is known for slow starts and then coming on to win the division, but this will be a different year. You can only come from behind so many times before it catches up to you and there next three games are against teams with a combined record of 12-5, so it will be extremely difficult to win multiple games at a time which they need to do. The Denver Broncos have an easier schedule but they still have to play every divisional team twice, which is also extremely difficult to get multiple wins in there. The Oakland Raiders I just don’t see as a threat, there to young and still make way to many mistakes.

Statistically, the Kansas City Chiefs are not the prettiest team. They’re in the lower half in total offense and defense in yards per game. But that’s how Romeo Crennel’s defenses have always been, there a bend but don’t break defense. That is why the Chiefs are in the top 10 for points allowed per game and if it wasn’t for the late collapse against the Houston Texans, they would be in the top 5. They are one of the best coached teams in the NFL, they make very few mistakes and don’t shoot themselves in the foot. They’ve only turned the ball over four times this year, which is great. If the San Diego Chargers were coached like the Chiefs, they would be undefeated with the talent they have. But they make more mistakes than any team in the division. The Chargers are #1 in offense and defense when it comes to yards per game, but there special teams are giving up a lot points and they’re turning the ball over way to many times to be a consistent team. I believe the Kansas City Chiefs will not only win the division but they will win it comfortably. They are just coached so well and are playing so hard on defense that I can’t see them losing there divisional lead. And they still have six games left at Arrowhead Stadium which is the loudest and hardest place to play for opposing teams. With the renewed sense of winning in Kansas City, the fans are going to be the craziest they have been at Arrowhead in years.

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