Chiefs in the Playoffs!!!

The Kansas City Chiefs have clinched the AFC West division title for the first time in seven years. After dominating the Tennessee Titans in a 34-14 rout at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City Chiefs fans became Cincinnati Bengal fans. Everyone knew it was a long shot, but if the Bengals were to somehow pull out one of the bigger upsets of the year the Chiefs would Clinch a playoff birth no matter how next weeks game against the Raiders goes. About three hours after the Chiefs finished their impressive win, the Chiefs fans were even more excited as the Bengals were closing out a victory over the San Diego Chargers.

Even though the Chiefs held their own fate, just had to win two home games and they would win the division, most people (including Chiefs fans) thought the Chargers were going to pull out another division title. For several years now, the Chargers have a terrible start to the season and somehow finish with an amazing winning streak to end up winning the AFC West. But not this year! The Chargers, even though they have the #1 defense and offense, made to many mistakes in too many games and couldn’t stack up the Chiefs consistent play throughout the whole year.

The Kansas City Chiefs have clinched a playoff spot, but they could still drop to the #4 seed if things don’t go right for them in the final week. Right now the Chiefs are the #3 seed and playing a home playoff game against the #6 seed which will be a wild card team. If they lose this weekend to the Raiders and the Colts win, they could drop the #4 seed and have to host the #5 seed which will be the better of the two wild card teams.

The bottom line is that the Kansas City Chiefs have clinched a playoff birth for the first time since 2006 and clinched a division title for the first time since 2003. Whoever they play will have to go to Kansas City, where they are undefeated and have one of the hardest stadiums to play in because of the crowd noise and atmosphere. Kansas city fans are going to be crazy for that game, they have been waiting a long time to cheer for their team in the playoffs and the time has finally come again.

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