College Football Season Starts This Week – Kansas Jayhawks

Well folks college football season is here to stay for the next 4 plus months.  For everybody around the Big 12 area it should be an interesting final season.  Lets to take a look at the Kansas Jayhawks.   The Kansas Jayhawks have a lot prove under new Coach Turner Gill.  To start the season the Jayhawks open with a winnable game against North Dakota State.  Kansas and Coach Gill face his first tough test against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.  The Yellow Jackets are just to much for KU and they will have there first loss.  They follow that up with trip down to Hattisburg to face a tough Golden Eagles team.  Not good to go on the road with an untested quarterback.  Unfortunately another loss.  This will set the Jayhawks  up for a 2-2 mark to start the season.    The conference slate isn’t as tough as they don’t get the Sooners, Longhorns, or Red Raiders this year.  There First five games of the Conference are winnable.  Of course winning them is a whole different ball game.  The Kansas Jayhawks will go 3-2 in those five games.  The highlight is beating in-state rival Kansas State in the sunflower showdown.  There last three games will a tough task for any team in this conference.  They go to Lincoln at home against Okie State and the border showdown against Missouri.  They will have tough task winning the last three games.  They will give it a vailent effort but o-3 to finish the season is likely.   Kansas Jayhawks will finish 3-5 in the North and 5-7 overall.  A very respectable for Coach Gill in his first year.  Expect bigger and better things from Coach Gill as leads the Jayhawks in the future.

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