College Football Season Starts This Week – Missouri Tigers

Well folks college football season is here to stay for the next 4 plus months.  For everybody around the Big 12 area it should be an interesting final season.  Lets to take a look at the Missouri Tigers.   The Missouri Tigers have a lot prove if they want to be considered one of the big boys of the new Big12.  To start the season Missouri Tigers have there bragging rights game with Illinois. I think they are to much for Illinois and MU will get by them rather easily.   It is still a tough test but the Tigers are just better than there rivals.  This should set the Tigers up for a 5-0 start to the season.    The next three games will be pivotal in the Tigers season.  The Missouri Tigers will 1-0 in the Big12 when they travel down to College Station to take on the Aggies of A&M.  Then MU plays at home against the Sooners followed by a trip to Lincoln.  Not an easy task if you want to become an elite team in the conference.  Unfortunately the Tigers will lose those three games and be staring at 1-3 in the conference.  Can coach Pinkel right MU’s ship with a tough test down in Lubbock.  I think they will and finish with three winnable games against the North.  I know two of the games are against there rivals Kansas State Wildcats and the Border showdown against Kansas Jayhawks.  Missouri Tigers will end being 5-3 in the North and a respectable 9-3 season.  The growing concern is whether Coach Pinkel can lead MU to big victories.

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