Is Matt Cassel Worth the Money

Matt Cassel lead the Kansas City Chiefs to another win against the Arizona Cardinals 31-13 at the New Arrowhead Stadium.  He had another flawless day going 15 for 24 throwing for 193 yards and 2 touchdowns with no interceptions. He had a quarterback rating of 115.5 and was not sacked a single time, which can also be credited to the offensive line. He has now boosted his season quarterback rating to 96.2 which is the 8th best in the NFL right now. He has a better rating than some of the best quarterbacks in the league right now (Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, and Eli Manning to name a few).

Kansas City Chiefs fans are split in whether they like Cassel or not. Even with his high QB rating he has lead the Chiefs to the 26th ranked passing offense in the NFL and the 9th ranked total offense. The Chiefs total offense looks good, though, because they have the #1 ranked rush offense. Cassel has lead the KC Chiefs to a 6-4 record so far and they are on top of the AFC West again. It makes a quarterbacks job much easier when he had a potent rushing attach to help him, it keeps the defense guessing on what your going to do.

Now the issue is Cassel is signed to a very large contract deal. The New England Patriots had put a franchise tag on him after his break out year in 2008, which made the Chiefs pay a high amount for him. Now if the Chiefs decide to keep him going into his 3rd year of his contract, then he will be guaranteed $40.3 million out of his $63 million deal. The Chiefs have him signed for a 6 year contract so he would be getting 2/3rds of his money in the first half of his contract. So under my understanding, the Chiefs need to decide if Cassel is the quarterback they want for the next few years because if not, this is the time to drop him.

I was a Matt Cassel hater for most of his career with the Chiefs, but he is starting to change my mind. He has taken a team that was picked to finish towards the bottom of the AFC to the top of the AFC West with a 6-4 record. Only Tom Brady and Michael Vick have a better Touchdown to Interception ration and those two are playing incredible this year. Matt Cassel may not have the best arm or the best accuracy but he does what the Chiefs need in order to get wins. He doesn’t take many sacks and doesn’t try to wedge balls into tight areas. He takes what the defense gives him. I wish he could throw the deep ball better, but that may be something that will come with more game experience. He looks alot better this year than he did last year and it looks like he’s only getting better. I’m very intrigued to seeing how much more progress he can make the rest of this year and with the way he’s going I believe he is worth the money. He may be making more money than quarterbacks that are better than him but he does what the Chiefs need him to and has them on top of the AFC West so unless he has a terrible run to end the year it would be wise for the Chiefs to keep him.

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