Is Soria Losing His Closer Job

Joakim Soria blew his 3rd save of the year by giving up three runs in the bottom of the 9th to the Baltimore Orioles, including a two run walk off home run by Adam Jones. Soria’s ERA is up to 5.12 which is something that he is not use to. His WHIP is at a 1.50 which is very uncommon for him. He does have seven saves on the season to go along with a couple wins but the blown saves is what everyone is focused on. Which brings us to the question everyone is asking, “What’s wrong with Joakim Soria?”

Well it’s obvious, he has lost his pin point accuracy. Soria has some great pitches but what made him a premium closer the last few years was his accuracy. You never saw a batter get ahead in the count, which automatically put the batter in a defensive position and makes it much easier to get them out. But this year he doesn’t have that same command and batters are able to wait for Soria to lob a meatball down the middle that they can crush. He’s walking more batters than he ever has and when he’s not walking them he’s behind in the count and batters are getting good swings on him which never seemed to happen.

The  Kansas City Royals and Joakim Soria continue to insist that he has nothing wrong with him physically. They say he’s just lost a little command and it might be something mechanically in his windup. But they won’t say it’s anything physical and he will get his control back. The other problem for Soria is that he has a hard throwing rookie setting him up that has an ERA below 1 and has been pitching lights out. If Soria doesn’t figure out how to get his control back then the Royals’ baseball team will have a new rookie closer by the end of the year.

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