Is there a position player on the Royals that would start for any other team in the MLB?

Is there a position player on the Kansas City Royals that would start for any other team in the MLB?

Below is where each starting player ranks among the others at their position in the MLB.

PLAYER                                 HR                          RBI                         AVE.

Butler                                    23rd                        18th                         6th

Aviles                                    25th                         33rd                        8th

Betimit                                 29th                         37th                         5th

Betancourt                         5th                           5th                           22nd

Kendall                                 74th tie                  19th                         32nd


Various                              87th                         62nd                        84th

91st                         49th                         139th

95th                         134th                      155th

Let me ask you, if you were a General Manager would you choose a player with these numbers? I don’t believe that any of our outfielders would be of interest to a General Manager. 2nd base, 3rd base, and catcher probably would not help any other team. The only  positions that could be of interest is first base and possibly shortstop. Billy still needs to step it up with some more pop in his bat or he will also be less attractive. The Kansas City Royals shortstop is the one that shocks me. I didn’t realize that he was doing as well as he is.

The Royals have a long way to go to be an offensive threat.  The numbers above just don’t give you a chance to win. The Kansas City baseball team only has two hitters with double digit home runs. Even with the Yankees rotation, you are not going to win games with those bats.

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