Kansas City Royals Granted 2012 All-Star Game

Major League Baseball has injected some excitement to the Kansas City sports scene.   Kansas City has been granted the 2012 All-Star Game at Kauffman Stadium.  This is great news for the Royals organization and Kansas City.  The All-Star Game is always a huge draw with baseball fans all over the country scrambling to find any way to get tickets to the game.  Baseball fans from all over the world will be traveling to Kansas City, and the extra revenue spent in tourism will be a huge boost to Kansas City’s economy.  It also feels great as a Royals fan to know that Kansas City has the much anticipated All-Star date on the calendar.  Now I just hope that the Royals will have more than one All-Star player that gets to compete in the 2012 game at Kauffman Stadium.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

The Royals will be making the official announcement along with Major League Baseball Commissioner, Bug Selig, before the game against the Houston Astros at the K this Wednesday.  Don’t miss the excitement surrounding the All-Star announcement.  Contact www.ticketsforless.com for the best selection of Kansas City Royals tickets for the game on Wednesday.  Best of all, it’s free hot dog night at the K!  Or perhaps has all this All-Star talk made you realize that you can’t wait until 2012 to see the All-Star Game?  Call Tickets For Less at 913-685-3322 for 2010 All-Star Game tickets in Anaheim.  The friendly staff will help you to find the best tickets for all the 2010 All-Star Game events, and you can be there to see all of Major League Baseball’s best players showcase their talents on the field.

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