Royals Looking to Finish Strong

The Kansas City Royals just had their longest winning streak of the year snapped on Sunday by the Chicago White Sox. They Royals had won 7 games in a row beating the Mariners, Twins and Whit Sox. The club has already secured the fact that they won’t lose 100 games this year, which the fans of Kansas City are always glad to see. They have one home game left and have a record of 40-40 this year at home. If they can pull out one more win against the division champion Detroit Tigers, they would have a winning home record in 2011. Even though the Royals are going to finish well out of division race and playoffs and will again finish the year with a losing record, the Royal fans have more to look forward to than they have had for a very long time.

The KC Royals are one of the youngest teams in the major leagues and are showing a lot of promise for the future. The Royals are 12-6 in the month of September and the young position players are showing signs of catching on to big league pitching. The Royals have four starting position players hitting .300 or better and have a chance for 5 players to hit 20 or more home runs by the end of the year. They have scored over 700 runs this season already, second only to Detroit in the AL Central. Which means the hitting seems to be there for the Royals, it will all come down to the pitching. If the club can secure a proven pitcher in the offseason and the young pitchers can continue to grow, they could have a real shot at competing in one of the weaker divisions in the American League.

The Kansas City fans have seen this before, though. There have been several years where the Royals have a good September and show promise for the next season and don’t follow trough with success. This year has a different feel about it, though, with several rookies making their debuts this season and still more high prospects to come up. The Royals farm system was voted the best in baseball a season ago and those stars are starting to prove themselves in the majors. It looks like there could be good times ahead for the Royals fans, which is hard to come by for them.

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