The offseason moves the Royals made or did not make, have come under a lot of criticism.  Everyone that knows me has heard that I was not a fan of the Teahen for Getz & Fields trade.  While I still do not like that particular move, the other moves have paid off so far.    Why do I think this?  Yes, the Royals have started out a little slow with a 5-8 record.  However, the new additions have played well.  Below are the current stats of our top new additions and the players that are no longer on this years Kansas City Royals team.

Current Royals:

Scott Podsednik – .457 avg 0 hr 6 rbi 7 sb

Rick Ankiel – .255 avg 3 hr 9 rbi 1 sb

Jason Kendall – .348 avg 0 hr 1 rbi

Chris Getz – .207 avg 0 hr 1 rbi 3 sb

Former Royals:

Coco Crisp – on DL and has not played

Mike Jacobs – just released by the Mets

John Buck – .184 avg 1 hr 5 rbi

Mark Teahan – .267 avg 1 hr 4 rbi

While it is still early, imagine how the 2010 Royals would be if they did not make the roster moves above.   There are a ton of reasons to be optimistic about this years team.  Whether you want to see the Royals new additions or the improved starting pitching, now is the time to visit the newly renovated Kauffman Stadium.  Looking for Kansas City Royals tickets?   Tickets For Less is your best source for cheap Royals tickets.   Visit ticketsforless.com or call Tickets For Less now at 913-685-3322  for all of your Kansas City Royals ticket needs.

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