It seems like it was a long time ago that the Royals kicked off the 2010 baseball season at Kauffman Stadium with an 8-4 loss to the Detroit Tigers.   Do you remember what the starting lineup looked like?

Opening Day Line Up:

Dejesus – RF

Podsednik – LF

Butler – 1b

Ankeil – CF

Guillen – DH

Bloomquist – 3b

Betancourt – SS

Kendall – C

Getz – 2b

The roster has had an overhaul since the team started the season in early April.   Only four of the nine players are currently starting for the 2010 Royals.  The biggest suprise so far this year?  I believe it is either Yuniesky Betancourt being tied for the team high in homeruns at 10 (active players) or Jason Kendall being our two hitter?    What do you think?

A lot of things have gone wrong leading  to the firing of Trey Hillman and the last place record in the central at 47-67.  There are still great reasons to go out to the K and check out this years team:

5) New Manager – Ned Yost

4) Alex Gordon is hitting again

3) Kila Ka’aihue is finally getting a chance

2) Newly Renovated Kauffman Stadium

1) Cheap ticket prices at Tickets For Less.

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