My Top Five Favorite Things at Kauffman Stadium

Summer is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to take the family out to Kauffman Stadium and enjoy a Royals game.  Spend an evening with friends or family and watch a game under the stars.  I personally love going out to Kauffman Stadium, and as promised in last week’s blog, here are my favorite things about going out to the K.

The Fountains – This is the one thing that makes Kauffman stand out from other Major League ballparks.  The fountains in the outfield of Kauffman Stadium are a beautiful bonus when watching a game at the K.  Best of all, on a hot summer day, you can stand in front of the fountain and catch the mist to cool down.

Tailgaiting Outside – Everyone in Kansas City knows that there are no bars near Kauffman Stadium.  Instead, fans in Kansas City have to pack the fun in the back of the car and tailgate in the parking lot.  It’s a great way to spend extra time with friends and bring along the grill, hot dogs, and beer to enjoy before the game.

Promotions – The Kansas City Royals continue to consistently offer the best giveaways  in all of Major League Baseball.  I know I have a stack of free t-shirts, bobbleheads and other promotional items all courtesy of having attended so many Royals games in the past.  Check out these exciting promotions coming to Kauffman Stadium soon:

Tuesday, June 1st – 1985 World Series T-Shirt Giveaway (First 20,000)

Saturday, June 5th – Brett Saberhagen Bobblehead (First 20,000)

Sunday, June 6th – Build a Bear Giveaway (First 8,000 Children)

Sunday, June 27th – 1985 Royals Poster (First 20,000)

The Food – I always look forward to indulging with the food at the ballpark.  Frosty malts and cotton candy for the kids.  The hot dogs are my favorite, and I can down five during a game if it’s buck night.  What’s your hot dog record?  Don’t know?  Head to the next “Buck Night” scheduled on Memorial Day, 5/31 and find out.

Sitting in Awesome Seats – What a treat it is to sit in the best seats at the K and have a perfect view of the game.  I love sitting in Crown Seats with the free VIP buffet and all you can eat and drink (including alcohol).  The in-seat wait service is top notch, and I love it because you don’t miss any of the exciting Royals action standing in line for food or drinks.  Can’t afford Crowns?  Sit in the Dugout Box sections between the bases, and catch the game from awesome lower level seats.  This is where the long-time season ticket holders catch the action, and you can get affordable Dugout Box seats through for all games at the K.

Check out for the best selection of all Kansas City Royals tickets.  Or call the friendly staff at 913-685-3322 for your Kauffman Stadium tickets.

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