Ranking The Big 12 – 11/11/10

A lot of things changed this week in the Big 12.  Missouri Tigers upset loss against the Texas Tech Red Raiders all but sewn up the Big 12 North for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  The Big 12 South is all jumbled could be decided the last week of the season.  Four teams are still in the hunt and to break it all down would take to long so we will let it all play out on the field.  The big coaching news is that Dan Hawkins was fired after Kansas Jayhawks hung 35 on Colorado Buffaloes and came back in the forth quarter to win 52-45.  The greatest comeback in Jayhawks history.  Here are the latest rankings

1. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Nearly was in Missouri’s place but escaped in overtime)

2. Oklahoma State Cowboys (Win out and a rematch with Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship)

3. Texas A&M Aggies (Big win for Mike Sherman and the Aggies)

4. Oklahoma Sooners (Win out and they would be playing the Huskers for a fitting end to the Big 12)

5. Missouri Tigers (Needs to get back on track 2 games ago they were thinking National Championship)

6. Kansas State Wildcats (Can they continue to run against the Tigers)

7. Baylor Bears (Not quite an elite team in the South but getting there maybe)

8. Iowa State Cyclones (What could have been, If the Cyclones have won they would have been in the drivers seat for the North)

9. Texas Tech Red Raiders (Ruined the Tiger’s season)

10. Texas Longhorns (The mighty have fallen will they continue to fight or pack it in the rest of year)

11. Kansas Jayhawks (Wow what a come back, now to Lincoln to face Nebraska)

12. Colorado Buffaloes (Looking for a Head Coach now)

It will be an interesting  rest of the Big 12 season.  If you want to see any of the Big 12 action then visit www.ticketsforless.com our call there friendly staff 913-685-3322.

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