Royals bring up two and send 2nd pick Gordon down.

With Mike Aviles and Kila Ka’aihue being called up this week the Kansas City Royals line up will look differently or will it.   Come on management do the right thing play them and see what you have in them.  I know Aviles has played but we need to see Ka’aihue can do with major league pitching.  You can move Dejesus to center and play Guillen in left Ka’aihue at dh.  What’s not to like with a line up that starts with

1. Dejesus

2. Podsednik

3. Butler

4. Guillen

5. Callaspo

6. Aviles

7. Ki’aihue

8. Kendal

9. Bentancourt

Lets see how this line up does and tweak from there if we need to.  You have Getz, Maier, Pena, Bloomquist coming off the bench.

The Royals have sent down Gordon after struggling at the plate and the field.   Will the change of scenery help him?  I hope so I would love to be able to trade Gordon and get something for him.  I just can’t see the light switch come after all this time working with him.  The Royals as always been a great value and you can get your tickets at or call 913.685.3322.

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