Royals continue to dominate All-Star voting

Who would have ever imagined reading a headline like that? Five Kansas City Royals—Salvador Perez, Mike Moustakas, Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain, and Alex Gordon—are currently slated as starters on the American League squad after the second update of voting.

By position, Eric Hosmer, Kendrys Moralas, and Omar Infante are currently sitting at second in voting, which means by the time votes are counted for good, the baseball world could be painted Royal blue.

An anti-Royals sentiment is growing among baseball fans around the league, which is a natural reaction when one team appears to be in command.

Kansas City has also built at least some-what of a reputation as the “bad boys” of baseball. Although that tagline has cooled off since the beginning of the season when KC earned a flurry of suspensions.

There’s something about the new kid on the block that has everyone enamored, but not necessarily in a good way.

For the most part, the casual baseball fan likes at least the idea of the Royals; a small market team which has risen from the depths of top-end baseball that includes $150 million payroll’s and big name home-run hitters.

In fact, the Royals’ magical run last season was almost the anti modern-day baseball.  Small ball, defense, and otherworldly defense sent them to the final out of the season.

In 2015, Kansas City has ramped up its offense and continued its league-leading defense. Interestingly enough, because the offense has suddenly become one of the best in the American League, it would seem as though fans in Kansas City are still trying to figure out exactly what they have.

The other side of it is there is still some reluctance to believe the team is really as good as it is. After 25-plus years of mediocre play, to finally be among the elites in baseball is almost a dream come-true.

General Manager Dayton Moore has done nothing short of a herculean job of building a roster of outstanding baseball players and a dominating pitching staff. Moore’s construction of this team has resulted in an atmosphere of exciting baseball but most importantly, winning baseball.

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