Royals ownership, front office needs change, big change.

For the most part, as Royals fans, we tend to believe that the Royals fate is up to the players we watch every night on tv. Yes, they ultimately control what happens pitch by pitch, inning by inning, game by game. It’s true. So far this season, the success of the team is much of what we expected. We will usually win one game out of a three game series against most teams we encounter. Which won’t make you a contender. Fans complain about the players. Fans complain about the coach. But the real problem is with the owner and the alliance of men he has designated to structure the franchise. Hey, I’m sure they are great people, with good morals and nice families, but these fellas can’t pull the trigger on anything related to positive, winning baseball. The word that best descibes what is happening here is pathetic. This is pathetic.

David Glass is a tremendous businessman. A wealthy one at that. He build a reputation as a man who could come into an organization and maintain the ship and keep the crew above water, all while moving foward at the same time. Those are the type of people you look for to run major companies. Thats why Wal-Mart fell for him. He did a great job with them. So good that he made so much money to where it got to the point of him doing bigger and better things. What else could be better than purchasing your very own major league franchise? That’s just what he did.


But there is this deep feeling inside of me that says he doesn’t really care about the success of the team. Just the money. He rarely does interviews so we don’t really know his stance on this, but you would have to believe that he doesn’t even really care which direction this team goes. Every year he has a meeting with Dayton Moore before the season and says “Dayton, here is $72,267,710….do what you please.”

That may seem like a lot of dough, but it’s 20th in the league compared to the other MLB teams. David Glass either needs to pull the trigger, take a risk, and reach a little deeper in his pockets, to say ehhh about the $90,000,000 range (which would put us in the Top 15 in payroll) or sell the Royals, and hand them over to someone who will spend the cash to get the best results.

We do have a newly renovated ball park, which you can give some credit to Glass for that. But we need a team to play in it. Luckily, most Royals fans have accepted the fact that we will most likely lose, but still find other ways to be entertained at the game.

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