Sprint Center Tickets and Some of the Amenities it Offers

The Lexmark Founders Club is a private and very exclusive area for those who want to experience the Sprint Center at its best. With the the Lexmark Club access you have many amenities at your fingertips.

What the Lexmark Club provides with your Sprint Center Ticket:

Along with your Sprint Center ticket, make sure you checkout the Lexmark Founders Club. Your experience will start with your own private entrance into the arena. So there is no more waiting in long lines or in the cold weather to get in to see your favorite acts. Once you are inside you have your own private area where you can purchase any food and beverages you want. Once your show has started there is usually an intermission when everyone rushes to the restrooms but this will no longer be a problem for you. The Lexmark Founders Club has private restrooms for you so you will not miss the beginning of the 2nd half of your show ever again!


Take advantage of  The Lexmark Founders Club. If this is something you would like to experience check out www.ticketsforless.com and see all the sprint center tickets you can choose from to experience this exclusive area.

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