The Kansas City Chiefs have an opportunity to win the west in 2010!!

I bet you are thinking that Brian has just boarded the train to kookooville. I am the true optimist. Heck, I was the one who thought that the Kansas City Royals number two starter was going to be Tejeda. Kansas City baseball pitching just seems to never improve.

But back to the Kansas City Chiefs, with the draft coming up and the 2010 NFL schedule coming out soon, it is time to take a few weeks and think Kansas City football. Last year the chiefs competed against many playoff teams.

This year the Chiefs have a very different schedule ahead of them. They only have 4 games against 2009 playoff teams in 2010. Two of those games are against the San Diego Chargers. The other two games are against the Arizona Cardinals and the Indianapolis Colts. The only game that the Chiefs have no prayer of winning is the Colts game.

The other 12 games are teams that didn’t make the playoffs. Eight of those twelve games are against teams with losing records in 2009.

2010 Chiefs opponents with their 2009 records are as follows;

Playoff teams

San Diego (13-3) (2 games)

Indianapolis (14-2)

Arizona (10-6)

Teams with losing records

Jacksonville (7-9)

Buffalo (6-10)

Cleveland (5-11)

Seattle (5-11)

Oakland (5-11) (2 games)

St. Louis (1-15)

Other Teams

Houston (9-7)

Tennessee (8-8)

San Francisco (8-8)

Denver (8-8) (2 games)

Total 2009 record of the teams playing the Kansas City Chiefs for 2010 season is (125-131).The NFL says that there is only 9 teams with an easier schedule than the Chiefs in 2010.

The Opportunity is there if the Chiefs just take advantage. The Kansas City Sports community deserves it!

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