Royals and trades. What makes sense?

The Royals are not the wealthiest team in baseball. We all know this.

However, as the half way point of the season approaches there are some things to think about. As most of the other teams in the league will be dealing players left and right, I think the Royals should swallow their mouthful, and sit this one out.

Ever since Dayton Moore took over the helm as Royals GM, there has been an ongoing trend in relation to his trade deadline decisions.

While most of his decisions have been bad ones, he has seemingly made it a point to deal more than one player every season as the trade deadline counts down.

There are many reasons a team deals for new talent as the deadline looms. Most of the action is fueled by teams with winning records. Teams that wear some type of playoff implications on their sleeves. Teams with hope. Teams with desire.

The Royals under Dayton Moore, have never been that team. But they still make moves. So, the only reason to believe that they are interested in acquiring new talent or lack their of, is because they are unsatisfied with what they originally had. It’s like waking up in the morning for school, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, packing your lunch, putting on your shirt…….but forgetting your pants. Going to the party late, incomplete, and unprepared. That’s the Royals.

A day late and a dollar short.

There is so much commotion lately about what the Royals should “look” to do with the their current roster.

Some questions arise

Is there any talent on the roster that is expendable and worth trading away, for younger brighter talent?

Can we get rid of players like Jose Guillen and David DeJesus?

My answer to both of these questions is…NO.

Every time we attempt to make a trade, we fail. We come up on the short end of the stick. EVERY TIME.

It’s like in poker, when you know you are playing the fish. You can constantly throw out increasingly higher bets that seem lucrative to the fish (Royals), and when they think they have you beat, they re raise you. Little do they know, you have the nuts.

Like when you touch a burning stove for the first time. You sear your hand. Most people learn from the situation and steer clear of the danger. The remainder (Royals) have to do it a few more times to get the gist of things.

I personally, consider myself a risk taker. Doing things out of the ordinary. Taking the road less traveled.

In this case, I think the Royals should take the road less traveled and keep what they have.

DeJesus is quite possibly the best player for the Royals to build a team around right now. He’s still fairly young, he is consistent, but he has the experience for younger players to shine in his shadow. He’s not a superstar. So why trade him away? You will get nothing better in return. Only worse.

Guillen is almost finished with his career. In a season where he is producing and driving in runs, why let him go? The other teams are smart enough to know that he is worth nothing but a few prospects that are similar to Kyle Davies. Might as well stick with the production he offers.

Ned Yost is showing some glimpse of promise as it seems like his players will play for him.

The Royals are one of the best hitting teams in the league. I don’t think you should look at changing much right now.Let it all smooth out and see where we stand at the end of the season, having just trusted our original system.

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