Top 5 ways to compete in your fantasy league

Here is a Top 5  list to get back into or keep your lead in fantasy baseball.  This is just a simple guide for 5×5 roto with weekly line-up changes.

1. Make sure you check your line-up and make sure you have guys that are getting ab’s not just sitting there with no chance to produce.  I know this sounds silly but you wont believe how many people just don’t check there line-up.  You have many different resources that give you weekly, last 14 days, last 21, and even monthly stat updates.  Check those with how your guys are doing.

2. Don’t just stick pitchers in there even if they are getting two starts.  Yes you might end up with 2 wins and a bunch of strikeouts but you could also ruin your whip and era.  More than likely you might get 1 win and some strikeouts but really kill the whip and era.  You do that to many times and your dropping like a rock.

3. Don’t just stick to many guys in your line-up that have bad averages.  You could drop a few spots if you don’t have enough guys that keep your average up.

4. Make good trades.  Another simple rule that gets broken to many times.  Make sure when you deal you will make up the spots you lose and then some when dealing out of a category.  Here is an example if you leading saves and trading for power.  Make sure you are going to make it up in runs, rbi’s, and power even average that you will be losing in saves and possibly era and whip.

5. Follow your players at your favorite local ballpark.  I know this has nothing to do with fantasy, but it is always fun to see your guys up close and personal.  I always get my tickets to see the Kansas City Royals at my favorite ticket broker Or call the friendly staff at 913-685-3322 for your Kauffman Stadium tickets or tickets to any ballpark you like.

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