Welcome to the new Big 12

With all the talk of super conferences flying about last week it seems all ended in a whimper.  No big super conferences came to be with Nebraska and Colorado leaving the ten teams stay the same and the Big 12 is alive for right now.  You’re asking “right now” what does that mean.  I think that the big 12 will end and it will be sooner than later.  I mean I can see in 5-7 years that the Big 12 will come to an end with other conferences raiding teams from this conference.

For now the best thing about this new conference is in no particular order

Every team will play every team in football and will give a true champion.  No more unbalanced schedule.

The same goes with basketball how fun would it have been to see Kevin Durant play for that one year. No you can as you play a home and home with each school.

Kansas City gets the Big 12 tournament for the next three years.

Now if I was commish of the Big 12 I would be taking the next couple of years and finding ways to make this conference to last long term.  Not only ways to find ways to make it long term but be the conference that set the standard for college football.  I would  be knocking on Notre Dame’s door and letting them know how much the Big 12 would love to have them.  That they would be a part of the biggest  and most relevant conference in the nation.  After you have Notre Dame I would go after Arkansas and see if they would bolt the SEC and join the Big 12.  If not Arkansas then I would go get TCU and call it good for now.  There is only a few schools that you would want to add that aren’t already in a conference.  You always want keep an eye on be ahead of the trend. Instead of  picking up the pieces that could of been after this round of super conference talk.

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