What will happen to the Big 12?

Being avid Nebraska Cornhusker fan I am eagerly waiting to see what happens to the Big 12.  My thought is that Nebraska and Missouri will join the Big 10.  Then what would go on with the other 10 schools?  It will interesting to see what happens with Texas as they are the lynch pin to the other schools.  They really want there own television contract.  That could hinder there move into another conference.  They are the big boy of the conference and would still be the big boy with getting two new teams to join.  The worst-case scenerio is that Texas and the other schools would join them in the move to the Pac 10.  That would leave Baylor, Kansas, Kansas St., and Iowa State in old defunct Big 12.  That would biggest shocker of all the different scenarios.  The only school out of the four that wouldn’t get left out in the cold is Kansas.  Kansas has a dominant basketball program which is very attractive to any conference.  I could see them joining the Big 10 or ACC.  Times are changing in the Big 12 and it will be interesting to see what happens.

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