What will the Royals rotation look like in the next couple of years

The latest talk around the water cooler is who should be in the Royals rotation in 2012.  My belief is that the rotation will end up being Greinke, Crow, Montgomery, Hochaver, Bannister.    I think Greinke will be the No. 1 guy.  He will end up with 16 to 20 wins a high 2’s or low 3’s era around 190 k’s.  Then comes Montgomery the left-hander in the rotation.  Crow will be the third starter for the Royals.  Your looking at 14 to 17 wins with a high 3’s era for those guys.  Hochaver is the guy that could make this make this rotation electric.  I can see him ending up being your number 2 guy he has all the tools and can strike guys out.  He needs to be more consistent and that would make him the number 2 guy.  High side is 16 to 18 wins mid three era and 175 – 190 strikeouts.  Low side 12-14 wins with a mid 4 era  and good  strikeouts.  Then comes your number 5 guy Bannister he will give you what he always give you.  That is around 10 wins high 4 era and low strikeouts but a solid start every fifth day.  With a rotation like that the Royals can compete in the Central division and be consistent division winner in the years ahead.

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