Where are the runs coming from?

I realize that Dayton Moore is very happy with his offseason Royals moves and that he focused on pitching and defense. However, you have to have some offense. You can have the pitching staff in the MLB but if you cannot score runs you don’t have a chance.

I took Hilmans projected lineup that was in the Kansas City Star and totaled the home runs that they had in 2009.  Following are those numbers;

  1. Podsednik        7
  2. Getz                   2
  3. Dejesus            13
  4. Butler               21
  5. Ankiel               11
  6. Guillen              9
  7. Gordon             6
  8. Betancort         6
  9. Kendall              2

Total                       77 total for the year

AL team totals for 2009

Yankees        244

Rangers        224

Red Sox        212

Blue Jays      209

Rays                199

White Sox      184

Tigers             183

Angels            173

Twins              172

Indians           161

Orioles           160

Mariners        160

Royals             144

Athletics        135

Average         183

With that information, please Hilman; please Dayton where are the Kansas City Royals runs coming from? If you know where they are going to come from let me know.

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