With pitchers and catchers reporting in a week, it is time to start thinking rotation of the Kansas City Royals. Zach Greinke has already been anointed opening day starter. I wonder how long Trey and the gang deliberated over that one? The next four is where the turmoil starts. Options are;

                                Wins                      loss                        era                        games started  

Kyle Davies           8                              9                            5.27                                        22

Brian Bannister    7                           12                           4.73                                        26

Luke Hochevar    7                            13                           6.55                                        25

Gill Meche             6                            10                           5.09                                        23

R. Tejeda                4                             2                             3.54                                        6

The KC Royals need 4 out of the5 to step it up next year! Where do we start? The toughest decision will be the number 2 spot. The reason the rest will be easy is that all 5 of the above Royals are number 3 to number 5 starters in the MLB. They are all interchangeable. The best way to decide this for KC baseball is to start at the back and move forward.

I think that Davies is the odd man out! He has had plenty of chances and has not come through on a consistent basis. Have fun in Omaha Kyle. The only thing they care about in Omaha is Husker football.  

Number 5 should be Hochever. He also has had ample opportunity. I do think, however, he still has some potential and should be given one more chance.

Number 4 should be Brian Bannister. My justification for this one is very similar to Hochever. I do think that he has proven much more for the Royals fans.

Number 3 the ticket should be punched for Gil Meche. He obviously could be number 2. I think he should be dropped to number 3 strictly because he is a high risk for injury this year and you do not want to have your number 2 hurt.

Drum roll please number 2 should be Tejeda.  He scares me. He does not have much experience. But I think it is time to take that chance.  He does have a very good ERA. I expect that will continue in 2010 at Kauffman stadium.

My hope is that there is still a chance that the Kansas City baseball team will sign another pitcher which will slide everybody down to closer to the proper level. If they want to increase Kansas City Royals tickets sales they need to add that number 2 pitcher.

As I have said in the past, no matter what the rotation looks like I will be sitting close enough to the dugout that Trey and the gang will hear my opinion. If you would like to be there with me the best place to get your tickets is www.ticketsforless.com . Visit www.ticketsforless.com on line or call them at 913-685-3322.

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